Your success through the success of your customers

Customer Success and actionable data platform that, through technology, helps you build trusting relationships between your company and your customers.

[SenseData Customer Success]

Some of our customers who already use SenseData in their business strategy:

  • Ambev
  • Unilever Food Solutions
  • Supermercado Nordestão
  • Neogrid


Deliver the result your customer needs.

Check what a Customer Success structure and platform can do for your company:

  • Potencializar Vendas na Base Protect and expand
    customer revenue through
    cross-selling and upselling.
  • Desenvolver Clientes Promotores Turn customers
    into promoters and
    build brand advocacy.
  • Reduzir Churn Reduce churn and
    improve customer retention.

SenseData is the platform built for Customer Success.

We use advanced techniques for analyzing large volumes of data, creating a unique view of the customer and generating insights so that your company can be much more proactive and accurate in its actions.


We know that each company has its particularities and SenseScore is 100% customized for your scenario and business needs. We take into account the main indicators to calculate your customer’s health. This way, you anticipate risks and identify opportunities for your business.

Sense Score

Executive Analysis

Executive dashboards for your business. Get a 360 view of your customer with customized indicators for your company. Track the main indicators for your management (ARR, MRR, LTV, CHURN, CAC or customize your indicator).

Análise Executiva


The SenseData platform connects with your digital tools and data sources. Through our own API, SenseConnect, we connect more than 70 tools, in addition to databases and spreadsheets, quickly and safely. Get all the information that really matters to your business. Count on our team of experts to help you overcome the barrier you have with data.


Action Automation

Anticipate your customers' needs and gain productivity and scale for your team. Automate and customize your business actions and tasks, such as: E-mail, SMS, Webpush and In App Messages, alerts, Playbooks (set of actions) and touch points.

Regras - Alerta Antecipado

Set actions for your team and customers

Turn analytics and insights into action for your team. Standardize, prioritize and manage all your team’s relationship activities with your customers. Get all customer information centralized and organized in one place.

Set actions for your customers Set actions for your customers - Playbook

Onboarding Management

Track the evolution of your customers during the onboarding journey. Know exactly what actions you need to take to ensure the adoption and engagement of your solution.

Onboarding Management

Data Analysis

Create and customize reports that enhance the intelligence of your business. Get access to Analytics and a series of data about your business. Anticipate risks and identify opportunities with your customer base.

Data Analysis Data Analysis

SenseData also works great on your mobile phone.


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